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Life doesn't follow paycheck schedules. Cars break down, kids get sick, roof needs fixing... No matter what your income level is or how well you manage your money, anyone can come up short.
Auto Repayment
Dec, 23, 2014
This is the annual percentage rate which is useful only if you keep the loan for a period of a year. Our customers pay off their loans for a much shorter time typically 45 days which equates to a much lower interest rate.
For every need there is a CashSolution
I need it for a car expense
Having car problems is the most common reason for getting a Payday loan. Instead of dealing with being late at work and losing money or in the worst case being fired, the small cost of a payday loan is nothing compared to the frustration and costs as a result of a car breakdown.
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I just want it for fun
In can be quite devastating to find yourself in a tough spot just before your wedding anniversary, a birthday of a loved or other special occasion. It’s very frustrating to find out your paycheck is coming way too late and you will not be able to purchase a gift or take your loved one out for dinner. Don’t let it get you down.
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I need it to pay for travel or a vacation
You got your travel booking, plane tickets in your hand, and plans are set in motion but ones you balance your checkbook you find out that you don’t have enough funds to cover miscellaneous travel expenses. This is the third most common reason for getting a payday loan and CashSolution is here to help.
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CashSolution App
CashSolution on the GO! has a fully optimized mobile site that makes applying for a loan simple and easy. You no longer need a car to drive to a payday loan store, nor a desktop computer to apply for a loan online.
Access to mobile banking is key for customers who are already using mobile devices for email, social media, bill pay, local search and more.
With 1 in 6 people switching banks because of a poor mobile experience, retention is a metric that banks often fail to maintain.
Short Term Cash Loans, on Your Terms!
What exactly is payday loan?
Payday Loan is a short term loan usually for $100 to $1000, which is designed to meet your financial needs until your next payday. Payday loans are also known as cash advance, short term loans, payday advances, cash loans, fast cash, fast loans, bad credit loans, deferred deposit, and a number of other things. No matter what you call them, payday loans can get you through your financial crisis.
How can I Qualify for a Payday Loan?
The lenders in our network make it easy to qualify for a payday loan. To be approved for a payday loan, you only need:
1. Have been employed for at least 90 days or more.
2. Age 18 or older, and a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.
3. Income of at least $1,000/month after taxes.
4. A valid checking account in your name.
5. Home and work phone numbers.
6. A valid email address.
How Much Can I Borrow?
Our loans range in most cases from $100 to $3,000 - depending on the laws of your state. Details vary by state. See Rates & Fees for more information.
How do I receive my cash?
The payday loan / cash advance is wired directly into your bank account by your lender. works with a network of lenders, some of which can have money in your bank account in as little as 1 hour!
My Credit is Bad - Will I Still Qualify for a Loan?
Payday lenders know that hard times can fall on anyone, which is why your credit doesn’t matter when applying for a payday loan. Bankruptcy, charge offs, bounced checks, and other credit issues don’t affect your ability to get a cash advance or paycheck loan.
What are the loan fees for the cash advance? works with a network of lenders whose cash advance fees are among the lowest in the payday loan industry. The fees will vary depending on which lender you are matched with. See the Rates & Fees page to find out specific fees based on your state.
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